Here on this edge of Europe I stand on the edge of being.
Floating on light isle after isle takes wing.
Burning blue are the peaks, rock that is older than thought,
And the sea burns blue — or is it the air between? —
They merge, they take one another upon them.
I have fallen through time and found the enchanted world.
Where all is beginning.
The obstinate rocks
Are a fire of blue, a pulse of power, a beat
In energy, the sea dissolves
And I too melt, am timeless, a pulse of light.

Nan Shepherd October 4th 1950
Wild Geese

These are my humours and my opinions; I offer them as what I believe, not what is to be believed.
I aim here only at revealing myself - who will perhaps be different tomorrow if I learn something new which changes me.
I have no authority to be believed, nor do I want it, feeling myself too ill-instructed to instruct others.
Michel de Montaigne
Of the Institution and Education of Children

Why is it easier to describe what I do than to sketch what defines me? To say “I am a Christian” seems very in–your–face and blunder-bussy: to me at least. And the affirmation doesn’t begin to evince the breadth of implication.
Rather, I feel, it can seem to be a closed — terminal even — accusation. ‘I’m this, get over it’, or ‘why aren’t you?’
So, I have been challenged in this, my own Blog Site, to offer an open creed. Something that might attract questions; offers hope of resonance; may even be attractive

Blue Mountains: the Banner is derived from a photograph I took on a journey to Applecross. The view is looking across the Inner Sound to Raasay and Skye.