Imaginary Lines daydreaming for beginners


Hazel eyes
Bewitching Hazel
Eyes that suggest depth
That Look and reflect
God’s Good Gentleness.

Hair white
Since before memory.
Beneath it:
Face (mostly) content
Creative, caring
SRN always, still at heart.

Body busy
All day long
All day long.

Winks post-prandial,
When, bones aching
Hazel eyes flicker
In peacefulness.

Fingers green
Growing life
Tending life
Living life.

Always makes me smile
— and laugh,
In fact, she makes
me complete


I sat and flowers opened
I sat and bees hummed
I sat and birds rejoiced
I sat and dew transformed
I sat and Creation renewed
I sat, and saw anew

Snow Show

Fickle stuff, snow
It doesn't come
Or it doesn't go
Ignoring the forecast
Flurry of footprints
Or feet deep
Weather ... or not
Now, no show snow


Until my Father resolve it
Stay it may:
It is but a shadow.

Bright star, trailing the sky,
Time revolving.
Shadows burning, shrinking;
When I
Standing in the noonday sun
Circumnavigated by Love
Shall no longer wrestle.

The shades of my mind
Are bearable, just,
With such intolerable longing.
Black Dog's grip
Subsumed by Heaven's Hound;
And I
Shall know those piercèd paws
(Blood-hound of my desire)
Has found me eternally.

And all shall be whole
All in Good time,
As my Father resolves.

(Referencing The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson)


"There is no map to the place we are going. We will be lost for a good, long time."
Eva Saulitis

There are though, I think, way-marks.
I've stumbled across a few on my journey.
I still have no idea where the next will be found;
this chiefly because they might take any form.
And age can obscure them,
familiarity likewise.